Hello Cherub Sailors and Supporters!

As you should all know by now, NSW successfully hit its 80% double-vaccination rate last weekend. This is great news, thank you to everyone who was able to roll up their sleeves for our community!

As we pass this health milestone a multitude of changes to COVID-19 legislation will come into play. Those of you that are fully vaccinated will be able to return to Cherub sailing in late October or early November as community sport starts up once again. Please look to your local club for advice and stay up to date with their COVIDSafe policies.

We are excited to finally confirm our State Championship Calendar for the oncoming 2021/22 season. Racing will occur as follows:

  • 20th and 21st of November 2021 at Belmont 16s.
  • 5th of February at Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club.
  • 6th of February at Drummoyne Sailing Club.
  • 5th and 6th of March at Jervis Bay Sailing Club.
  • 2nd of April at Abbotsford 12ft Sailing Club.
  • 3rd of April at Sydney Flying Squadron.

You can find the race documents and TryBooking link for our 2021/22 State Championships below. We urge you all to consider entering regardless of skill level; these events are a great opportunity to meet fellow Cherub sailors and spend some time on the water!

  • For all boats that are not registered at Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club: please purchase a ticket per boat for race entry (price dependent on rounds entered) and an additional ticket for your Association fee ($80.00).
  • For all boats that are registered at Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club: please purchase a ticket per boat for race entry only. Your Association fees are collected at the time of registration with your Club.
    If you have any further questions about race entry, please do not hesitate to contact the organising committee by return email.

For those of you that are considering entering the whole series, well done! We have it on good authority that the participation prize awarded to this category of entrants is pretty great… don’t miss out 😊

We are looking forward to seeing you all on the water soon!

The NSW Cherub Association

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