Nicholson wins the 2022/2023 Cherub National Title
by Sarah Imlay

Banjo Nicholson and Thomas Steenson from Belmont 16ft Sailing Club have claimed victory at the Vaikobi 58th National Cherub Championship in 3170 ‘Harden Up’ after seven trying days of racing. The pair were awarded the Newhaven Yacht Squadron Trophy. In second place, just two points behind, were Nathan McNamara and Peter McLeod in 3196 ‘Motorboat.’ Scott Day and Nigel Hale claimed third place in 3171 ‘Buckle Up Buttercup.’

Racing conditions following the lay day were fresh, with strong Nor’easters challenging competitors and pushing crews to their limits. The regatta’s last day of racing saw the breeze fill in from the East-southeast, picking up steadily throughout the day, allowing for fantastic kite runs caught on drone footage by Seagal.

After their uphill battle as the only finisher in the invitation race, Aaron Kirkby and Matt Hall 3185 ‘You Can’t’ were awarded the Matthew’s Brothers Perpetual Handicap Trophy. They were followed by father-daughter crew Caitlin Mulquiney and John Mulquiney in 3143 ‘The French Tickler’ in second place. Fiona Lunsmann and Emma Gearing claimed third place in 3150 ‘The Wicked Wench.’

Lily Peel and Cathy Pagett took out the all-female division trophy in 3177′ Short Tired and Emotional.’ Peel placed as the best overall female skipper in the fleet, winning the W.M. Blaskett Perpetual Trophy. Pagett was awarded the Women’s Forward Hand Trophy as the best-placed female crew.

Dale and Hay also took out the veteran’s perpetual division trophy for the best-placed veteran crew (skipper and forward hand), who have an average age equal to or greater than 28. Nicholson was awarded Gordon Wright Trophy as the best-placed skipper under 18 in the cadet division. Luke Sullivan was the best-placed skipper under the age of 21 and over 18, winning the junior division and the Basil Wright Perpetual Trophy

The O’Mahony Boat Construction Perpetual Trophy for the best-dressed boat was awarded to Will Beck and Tony Harrison for their newly built cherub 3198 ‘Robbie.’

The Cherub class would especially like to thank Henry, Fiona, and Nellie, as valued members of the national association, for all their efforts to make nationals possible this year and in previous years.

Sea Gal has released a highly entertaining collection of videos and reels following all the sailing and boat park shenanigans this week. For more, jump over to ‘Seagal Co.’ on YouTube or head over to her Instagram.

Results for the national titles are available on For more photographs and videos of the racing, go to the Cherub Facebook page and Instagram page.