It is with great excitement that today we launch the thing we’ve been meaning to do for years – a list of sailors available to skipper or crew! This is information we’re always trying to manage so we can get more people out on the water. 

Do you have a boat but no crew?

Maybe you took a few years off and are keen to get back into it?

Or you’re just starting out and you’d love to go for a ride and check out what Cherub sailing is all about?

This list is for you!! Whether you’re interested in a one-off sail, a particular regatta, a whole season – we want to know!!

The list is now available on the Cherub website at this address: Available Sailors – Cherubs Australia (under the About tab)

You can have a look at the list to see who is available / interested to go sailing. 

You can add yourself to the list by filling out this form. The form will ask for a few details that aren’t listed on the public spreadsheet (to protect your privacy). Your contact details will only be handed out to someone when specifically requested – and the team believes its legitimate (bots/spam/hackers not welcome!)

If you find someone you’d like to get in touch with – click the Request Contact Details link and it will open an email to send through to us. We’ll send back the details as soon as possible so you can get in touch and on the water!

Nationals at Wangi

We’re particularly interested in finding out who is available for Nationals at Wangi as we’ve got a few people who are keen but without a locked in team. Yesterday we sent around this form to try match crews & boats for the event. You can complete this as well (its super easy). 

We can’t wait to see you on the water! ~