Yesterday’s 2020/21 Cherub National AGM successfully voted in an new National Committee to run the organisation of the 2021/22 Cherub Nationals to be held at the Perth Dinghy Sailing Club over the New Year period, congratulations to the new national committee:

  • President – Todd McVee
  • Vice President – Hayden Hunt
  • Secretary – Jacques Audet
  • Treasurer – Latishia Cook
  • Registrar – Nellie Imlay
  • Technical Officer – Richard Howell
  • Public Relations Officer – Lily Peel
  • Public Officer – Nellie Imlay

More information and details on the event will follow later in the year.

At the meeting the motion was passed to have the 2022/23 Cherub Nationals return to NSW due to the cancellation of this years regatta, this replaces what would have usually been the South Australian round of Nationals.

The motion to introduce a new ‘All Female Crew’ perpetual trophy was also passed, resulting in a change to the National Constitution bi-laws. This meant that the current ‘Women Skipper’ and ‘Women Crew’ perpetual trophies will remain, but with an altered title, ‘Female Skipper’ and ‘Female Forward Hand’ Trophies respectively, so as to have consistency in the naming. The new updated constitution can be found here, and has been updated on the website.

Discussions were also commenced regarding potential changes to the constitution’s by-laws regarding courses and introducing the possibility of windward leeward courses at a national regatta. The motion at today’s meeting was held over until more details could be provided to the fleet.

To clarify, as per the constitution: By-Laws can be adopted or changed by motions submitted with notice at an Annual General Meeting. That is, before the by-laws can be changed, a notice of a motion will be issued at least 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting to allow all boat owners to consider the proposal. Voting is by simple majority at the meeting OR if a boat owner provides their vote to the National Secretary in advance of the meeting. Mail-out votes / postal voting is not part of the current constitution for by-law changes.

If boat owners wish to debate the merits of the change, they will need to attend the meeting.

So where to from here?

If or when a motion is raised, it will be included with an agenda for an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting by the new National Committee – so make sure you keep an eye on the website and Facebook for updates.

Thanks to all the attended yesterdays meeting and congratulations to the new committee, lets all look forward to getting together in Perth and make up for a lost year of Nationals!

2020/21 Cherub National AGM minutes